Phil Davis - From NCAA Wrestling Champion to Bellator MMA Lightweight Champion, Meet AlmondRx's Brand Ambassador

Phil Davis - From NCAA Wrestling Champion to Bellator MMA Lightweight Champion, Meet AlmondRx's Brand Ambassador

In the world of combat sports, the journey from collegiate wrestling to professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is not an easy one. However, Phil Davis has done an exceptional job of transitioning from the former to the latter, mastering the skills and proving his mettle as a successful professional fighter. So, who is Phil Davis? Why does he stand out? And why has he teamed up with AlmondRx? Read on to discover more about the former Bellator MMA Lightweight Champion, NCAA Wrestling Champion, and proud Christian.

Phil Davis was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on September 25, 1984. He was inspired by his father, who was an athlete and state champion in Track and Field. Phil began to train in martial arts at an early age, and eventually, in 2004, he enrolled at Penn State University to pursue wrestling. During his stint at Penn State, Phil became an NCAA Division I Champion (197lbs), a four-time Division 1 All American, two-time Big Ten Conference Champion and two-time Big Ten National Finalist.

After college, Phil began his professional career in MMA, after four professional fights he signed to the UFC. In 2016, he then moved to Bellator and became their Light Heavyweight Champion in 2018. Throughout his MMA career, Phil has fought against some of the best fighters in the world, including Lyoto Machida, Ryan Bader, and Alexander Gustafsson.

Despite his commitment to the sport, Phil hasn't forgotten his roots. He still trains and teaches wrestling at Alliance MMA Gym in San Diego, which he co-owns, the gym under which he got his start in MMA. Phil is also a proud Christian, and his faith plays a significant factor in his life and career. He believes in helping others and has worked with foundations like the San Diego Rescue Mission, organizing events to help the homeless.

It's no surprise that Phil decided to partner with AlmondRx as a Brand Ambassador. In 2014, Phil tore his PCL. Dr. Richburg (AlmondRx Co-Founder) suspected he had a Vitamin D3 deficiency. Dr. Richburg did a full blood panel and discovered he was correct. Phil made a great recovery to become Bellator World Champion. In addition, he never broke a bone nor ever had surgery due to Dr. Richburg's advice as well as Phil's lifestyle focused on wellness. AlmondRx and Phil share the same values: promoting physical fitness, well-being, healthy living, and giving back to the community. AlmondRx Snack Packs are perfect for fighters like Phil, as they provide a clean source of energy, essential protein without any added sugar, GMO-free ingredients, key antioxidants and your full daily supply of Vitamin D3. It's a well-rounded snack that's perfect for all athletes, health enthusiasts, and your family. 

Phil Davis is a unique blend of a fighter, athlete, mentor, and ambassador. His journey from a champion wrestler to a Bellator MMA Lightweight Champion can inspire anyone to work towards their goals and persevere through challenges. His faith and principles act as a guiding light for him, and his work with various foundations proves that he is a genuine person who cares about giving back. Partnering with AlmondRx is a natural fit for Phil, emphasizing how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and give back to the community. So, next time you want to snack on something healthy, try AlmondRx and join the movement championed by Phil Davis.

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