Meet Wesley Williams: Paralympics Guide Runner

Meet Wesley Williams: Paralympics Guide Runner

The world of sports for athletes with disabilities continues to grow and pave the way for the next generation. To inspire and encourage more people to join this community, AlmondRx has found the perfect brand ambassador in Wesley Williams - a guide runner with Team USA for the Para Olympics. We believe that his story will inspire you to pursue sports and lead a fulfilling life irrespective of your challenges.

Wesley's story is one that is full of fascinating facts, from being born with limited vision to becoming a guide runner for the Paralympics. Williams started running as a high school athlete and has refused to let his disability define his life. His determination led him to become a successful guide runner for the visually impaired in the Paralympics and other World Championships.

Paralympic Experience
hree-time Paralympian; Three-time Paralympic medalist guide runner (3 silver)
Paralympic Games 2020
Paralympic Games Rio 2016, silver (long jump)
Paralympic Games London 2012, silver (long jump), 4th (triple jump)
Paralympic Games Beijing 2008, silver (long jump), 5th (triple jump)

World Championship Experience
Most recent: 2019 – gold (long jump - Lex Gillette)
Years of Participation: 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019
Medals: 6 (4 gold, 2 silver)
Gold – 2019 (long jump), 2017 (long jump), 2015 (long jump), 2013 (long jump)
Silver – 2013 (triple jump), 2006 (long jump)

As a guide runner, Wesley helps visually-impaired athletes compete in races. His role is to communicate with the athlete and ensure their safety while running, which requires speed, agility, and the ability to make quick decisions. Williams' guide running expertise has helped several athletes win gold, silver, and bronze medals over the years.

In addition to his talent as a guide runner, Wesley's inspiring personality has made him a fan favorite. His witty sense of humor and unique personality are loved by athletes and fans alike. His presence brings a positive energy that inspires everyone around him. Williams has even been featured in a podcast called 'Run With Wes' to share his story and advice with others.

When asked about his partnership with AlmondRx, Wesley remarks, "I am honored to be an ambassador for a brand that believes in the power of perseverance and doing good. AlmondRx's mission to promote wellness and positive energy aligns with my own goals, and I look forward to sharing that message with my followers."

Wesley Williams' story is an inspiration to us all. By dedicating his life to sports and helping others achieve their dreams, he has shown us that true success is not about personal gain, but about helping others. At AlmondRx, we are proud to have Wesley Williams as one of our Brand Ambassadors, and we hope his story will encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

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